Benefits of infrasound as acoustic soot cleaning method

The first installation of an Infrafone Sonic Soot Cleaner with the purpose to keep an industrial boiler clean from soot was carried out in 1978. The boiler was an MgO boiler in a paper mill at Stora Enso in Hyltebruk, Sweden. The success of that installation taught us about the power of infrasound. The experience that we have obtained over the years has taught us how to create value with infrasound. The properties of sound differ substantially depending on the frequency range. Sound can be divided into infrasound, audible sound, and ultrasound. Infrafone harnesses the power of infrasound, which is sound with frequencies below 30 Hz. Infrasound waves have many properties that make them suitable for soot cleaning applications: Infrasound waves have a long wavelength. The acoustic power can reach areas far away from the acoustic source, unlike conventional soot cleaning methods. Infrasound waves are Omni-directional. This means that they spread in all directions with the same intensity, which implies [...]