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Optimizing Power Boiler Performance Amid Volatile Energy Prices

In recent years, volatile energy prices have become the norm in Europe and across the globe, with a number of factors triggering what the EU is calling an unprecedented energy crisis. Gas prices increased more than 170% in 2021, and more than 150% between July 2021 and 2022. Factors contributing to increased energy prices include extreme climate conditions, higher gas consumption in Asia, greater scarcity of nuclear and hydropower electricity, and disruptions as a result of the war in Ukraine and Russia’s decision to cut gas supply to several EU countries. While higher demand and energy prices mean greater profitability for power plant operators, it also means more pressure on critical components such as the power boiler which, in turn, can lead to higher operating costs. By investing in solutions that increase the operational effectiveness of the power boiler and other infrastructure, power plant operators can cut down on costs while ensuring they keep up with performance demands.  The [...]

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Heat Management joins ABB Partner Program

Heat Management joins ABB Partner Program Heat Management joined ABB’s Partner Program in Sweden in February 2022. The partnership will unite the two companies’ expertise and create a combined offering of Heat Management’s patented High Impact Soot blowing System (HISS) and ABB’s automation system, especially ABB Ability™ System 800xA for use in new and existing boilers within power generation and process industries. Heat Management's HISS™ is an optimized sootblowing system that can be customized to meet the needs of each customer. With HISS™, users can increase sootblowing capacity by 100% without consuming more steam, allowing the user to increase the boiler load. Another option is to maintain the same cleaning effect while saving 30-45% steam. Saving steam or increasing boiler load can be used to produce more renewable power to the grid, offsetting power generation from fossil fuel sources, and in turn reducing the CO2eq emissions radically. Heat Management's HISS™ was a part of Södra Cell Värö’s Expansion 2.0 [...]

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Making pulp mills more sustainable

In pulp mills, keeping the internal heat transfer surfaces of recovery boilers clean requires a lot of energy and can limit the entire mill’s production capacity. However, by reducing the amount of steam used in steam sootblowing systems, pulp mills and other plants can become more energy-efficient and sustainable, while improving boiler availability.

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Improved sustainability strategy for the energy sector

THE IPCC 2021 presents clear evidence that our planet is in a catastrophic state of urgency to stop global warming. Human influence has affected the atmosphere, ocean, and land. Why do we, in the energy sector, need to take responsibility?

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