Marine boiler

Marine boiler

On vessels exhaust gas boiler recover energy from the hot engine exhaust gas. Vessels also often have oil fired boilers for producing warm water and some vessels have SCR catalysts for reducing NOx emissions

Marine boiler

General info

Energy management for Marine boilers

Energy management has become of vital importance to the cruise and ferry industry for economic and environmental reasons. The industry is faced with continuously increasing restrictions of the permitted emission levels. With ship operators striving to optimize the energy efficiency, there is a big focus to reduce fuel consumption, cut down unnecessary waste, conserve energy and reduce water use. These parameters are not only about environmental regulatory compliance, but also about image and financial issues. Within this energy efficiency frame, it is important to find cost-efficient ways to clean boilers, increase their availability and efficiency, reduce their maintenance costs and prolong their lifetime. We offer a solution to prevent soot on deck and soot build-up in boilers and catalysts.

About cleaning

Benefits that Infrasound Cleaning system brings to the customer are:

Reduced steam consumption for steam soot cleaning.

Increased lifetime of heat exchangers. Non-abrasive acoustic soot cleaning increases the lifetime of heat exchangers by reducing the need for conventional cleaning systems. Infrasonic Cleaning does not contribute to corrosion or erosion of heat exchangers.

Lower and more stable differential pressure. The infrasound reaches areas that are not accessible to conventional soot cleaning systems.

Reduced or eliminated manual cleaning and water washing. Less handling of soot contaminated water, fewer man-hours spent.

Reduction or elimination of soot on deck. Sparks from funnel and soot on deck is reduced or eliminated. Reducing the risk of soot fire in the exhaust gas boilers

Eliminated use of chemicals. Eliminates the cost of chemicals and handling of chemicals onboard.

Reduced boiler maintenance and repair. Generally reduced maintenance cost, both material and man-hours.


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