Johan Holmér’s Amazing Recap from BLRBAC 2023

In October, Johan Holmer (Sales resp. South America) and Andreas Aspell (sales resp. North America) participated in the Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Advisory Committee (BLRBAC) and held a presentation about the current issues of steam sootblowing. There is a clear issue in the industry, half the time and steam for sootblowing is wasted. This has become the mantra of Heat Management’s goal to making our solution to the problem “industry-standard”. Availability on a whole new level. Recovery boilers are the very heart of pulp and paper mills. Johan explains how wasting its resources is an old way of doing things, we are stuck in our old ways of operating the recovery boiler, which prevents us from streamlining the production and lowering our emissions. 90% of the cleaning effect happens on the first stroke of the lance, therefore it does not make sense to blow as much steam on the 10% that remains. This is where the brilliant fouling management [...]

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Unveiling the Silent Culprit: Increased Fuel Consumption due to Fouling

The combustion boiler is at the heart of many operations. Whether it’s a power boiler operating in a combined heating plant or a recovery boiler in a pulp and paper mill. They enable processes to run smoothly and efficiently if maintained right. The boilers have a universal enemy that not only affect their efficiency but also the bottom line– fouling. One of the most overlooked consequences to heavy fouling Is increased fuel consumption. It is therefore important to mitigate the issue before the consequences get unbearable.   Why does fuel consumption increase due to fouling? The overall performance of the boiler relies heavily on efficient heat exchange. The heat must flow from combustion chambers to water, generating steam that is essential for different processes in the combustion plant. The deposit buildup on boiler surfaces disturbs the heat exchange, this notion is well documented and fairly agreed upon. The hidden culprit though, is that in order to maintain the same steam [...]

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Sappi Gratkorn Implements Overlapping Sootblowing Technology to Lower Environmental Impact

Sappi Gratkorn is a paper mill in Austria that produces high-quality multi-coated paper. The mill has been in operation for over a century. In recent years, the company Sappi and their respective mills have been investing in developing their facilities to reduce their environmental impact. The newly formed sustainability partnershipSappi Gratkorns goal was to reduce their steam consumption and therefore reduce their annual cost of lowering their environmental impact.  In the year 2021, Sappi Gratkorn entered into a sustainability partnership with Heat Management to investigate ways of furthering their eco-effective journey.It was determined that Heat Managements High Impact Sootblowing System™  was an appropriate solution to implement into the boiler's superheater, in order to achieve more sootblowing with less steam. Sappi Gratkorn, like most red liquor recovery boilers, operates the steam sootblowing in separate cycles. This makes the HISS™ operation comparable to power boilers with various fuels like biomass and waste.Sappi Gratkorn is renowned to streamline its mill for a better environment. [...]

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Why Lignin Extraction Usually Comes with a Catch 

Many pulp and paper mills are looking for ways to compensate for the environmental impact of their operations while reaching global and internal sustainability goals. One common approach is enabling the possibility to replace oil as a building block in the production of high-value products with lignin. A natural fiber in almost every living plant, lignin plays a large role in wood’s ability to retain its characteristic stiffness and resiliency against decay. Not only does lignin present amazing opportunities to replace fossil-based materials with renewable materials, but it can also decrease the discharge of pollutants. However, lignin extraction comes with a catch.   The high costs and safety risks of lignin extraction  Before lignin can be put to use as an alternative building block, it must first be extracted from a by-product of the Kraft pulping process called Black Liquor. In addition to lignin, Black Liquor consists of hemicellulose and inorganic compounds. Black Liquor is used to supply pulp for [...]

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Incredible Results found at Zellstoff Pöls AG

Evaluation of environmental investment “HISS™” at Zellstoff Pöls AG In 2020, Zellstoff Pöls AG made the investment to commission a sootblowing solution that were to be installed on all 86 of their sootblowers. The system had its startup in the beginning of 2021 and the project evaluation has now been finalized and it revealed incredible results. The High Impact Sootblowing System ™ (HISS ™ ), developed by Heat Management has garnered wide popularity in the Swedish pulp and paper mill industry. The technology has become a market leader in Sweden. Cellulose Pöls AG are the first in Austria to implement the system in their mill, and they are beginning to reap the benefits. The potential with implementing HISS ™ is beyond technical specification but some potential benefits nearly include halving the time and steam used in the sootblowing process and prolonging equipment life. The goal with the installation of HISS ™ was to reduce sootblowing steam consumption by at least [...]

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Three new HISS™ orders for pulp mills!

Half steam ahead!  Three pulp mill customers are tired of their sootblowing systems wasting half the steam and half the time. The mills come from two international P&P groups and decided recently to partner up with Heat Management, to take their chemical recovery process beyond technical specification. The innovative solution will be used to reach the mill sustainability targets, by reducing: Water consumption, m3/ADt Energy consumption, MWh/ADt Emissions, tCO2e/ADt   Heat Managements’ disruptive and market leading High impact Sootblowing System (HISS™) always come with absolute process guarantees for availability and energy savings. These measurable key performance indices facilitate return on investment calculation and the guarantees minimize project risk. The guaranteed sustainability benefits and subsequent significant financial savings lead to short payback time, with the risk being carried by Heat Management. Together, the three pulp mills will save a minimum of 100 GWh of steam, 130 000 m3 water and 6 000 tCO2e per year in their three black liquor recovery boilers. [...]

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