How we optimize steam sootblowing systems

High Impact Sootblowing System General Installation Procedure Below describes the measures necessary for the implementation of the High Impact Soot System (HISS), for the optimization of steam soot blower and recovery boiler operation.  Step 1 – Install pneumatic actuator on the steam soot blowers The installation takes approximately 10 – 15 min per blower and can be performed during boiler operation. The actuators can be bypassed with a blocking pin. Step 2 – Install pneumatic control boxes for HISS The actuators are operated with instrument air at ~6 bar and is distributed to the soot blowers, through pneumatic control boxes. Each control box can handle up to 12 soot blowers. Step 3 – Install ACABBM 800M controllers for the actuators The contactors for the soot blowers are replaced with new ones, with direction control. Furthermore, an ACABBM 800M controller is installed. This make up the controls for the HISS-function. Step 4 – Implementation of operator control display The soot blower [...]

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