Meeting Thierry Magne

Thierry Magne is the regional contact for Heat Management in Asia and France. We managed to catch him in his busy life in the fast-moving Asian Pulp and Paper industry. Thierry moved to Asia from France 13 years ago. He had a big interest in developing markets and loves the personal challenge to build something new. The Asian pulp and paper industry represented all that compared with the relatively slow growth in Europe in this field. Thierry: There is a big cultural difference between Asia and Europe. In Asia, the focus is on being fast and not wasting time in long discussions about improvement. In Asia, they always start to talk about how to solve problems and challenge the status quo. Thierry has spent almost 20 years of his professional life working with different types of solutions in the pulp and paper industry. He started as a sales manager for a Swedish company in 2007. Since 2019 he is representing Heat [...]

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Meet Erik Fors, Project Manager for HISS

We’ve previously introduced Pontus Linder, Product Manager for the High Impact Soot System, and Martin Ellebro, our Chief Technical Officer. Now it’s time to introduce Erik Fors, Project Manager and implementation manager for our patented HISS solution. In this interview, we ask Erik about the projects he’s currently working on, the evolution and progress of HISS, and what companies need to know before even thinking of implementing the High Impact Sootblowing System (and how to utilize all the excess steam that comes with the implementation) Q: You work as a project Manager for HISS, how’s that like? Erik: I would say it is both exciting and stressful at the same time. The technology is exciting, and the projects have great potential for the customer, but we do install on sensitive equipment and we constantly must make sure everything works as intended. Q: The customers are starting to show more and more interest in HISS, can you explain why? Is it a coincidence that it happens [...]

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Meet Martin Ellebro, CTO at Heat Management

In our last interview article, we introduced Pontus Linder, our new Product Manager for HISS. In this newly written article, we’re focusing on Martin Ellebro, our CTO at Heat Management. Martin has been with us since the Infrafone years and has been a key asset for our progression. In this interview, we ask Martin about upcoming projects, the evolution of Heat Management and what the future holds for the Greentech industry  Q: What does it mean to be CTO at Heat Management? Martin: It means you are involved in a lot of technical aspects in a field having a large impact on energy efficiency etc. The work involves evaluating the specific details at a plant looking for improvements, finding the optimal solutions, making theoretical models, evaluating operational data after having performed projects, developing our solutions, and also supporting our digital marketing. Q: What do you enjoy most about your work? What motivates you? Martin: I enjoy the interdisciplinary aspects in our projects and [...]

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Meet Pontus Linder, Product Manager for HISS

We are delighted to officially introduce Pontus Linder, our new Product Manager for HISS. Pontus will be a key asset for us moving forward with the development and optimization of the high impact soot system. In this interview with Pontus, we go further and dig a bit deeper. We look at industry trends and discussing upcoming projects, as well as the pursuit of effective steam savings and the importance of working with Greentech. Again: Welcome Pontus!  Q: You’ve been a part of the Heat Management team for 8 months now, can you describe what you’ve been up to? Any great projects that you have been introduced to? Pontus: I’ve been supporting the sales department with technical information, been involved in technical details in ongoing projects, and met our subcontractors. We have many upcoming projects, both in Sweden and internationally. Q: How come you ended up at Heat Management? Pontus: When I first heard about the company, I became very interested. It sounded very [...]

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